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Awakening With Angels

Awakening with Angels is based on human experience to ease the awakening process for humanity. It contains simple life stories that could elevate the mind to acknowledge that the Angels have been with us all along for guidance.

Awakening with Angels is one of God’s many plans. From the title of the book to each thought written in it, all is unfolding Divinely. Now more than ever, our world needs most to be brought to enlightenment, given hope, and encouraged to seek peace for humankind. One day, it will be the norm for humanity to connect and chat with their Guardian Angel.


"You’re not alone; your Guardian Angel is with you all along."

"By Awakening with Angels, I attained true simplicity and harmony in my complex world."

"Have you ever seen any of these Angels’ numbers in your daily life: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 911, 1010, 1111, 1212?"

"Ask your Guardian Angel for guidance in your daily life even for the simplest tasks. The Angels would be delighted to assist."

"There are spiritual clues everywhere on your journey. For instance, finding coins or dollar bills on the street – it’s not pure luck but a spiritual sign."

"Love lessons are meant for the soul to learn, to strengthen the soul. Ask your Guardian Angel for guidance with your love life."

"There are miracles happening every day. Pray and ask your Guardian Angel for guidance."